Novation Industry

        where innovation and execution unite

Novation Design
   DESIGN – 

        bringing innovation to new product
        development and delivery

Novation Plastics

       providing expertise in quality
       component production

Novation Manufacturing

       delivering quality contract manufacturing
       and product assembly

Novation Manufacturing

       reducing supply chain complexity,
       lead time and cost

bringing innovation to design and engineering services
delivering expertise in quality injection molding
providing quality contract manufacturing and assembly
reducing supply chain complexity, lead time and cost
Specialty Packaging

Specialty Packaging

From design to disposal

Let us work with you through the
entire development process to
create a successful, competitive
packaging solution.

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From Form to Function

Let us work with you to provide
an innovative solution that
fits your specifications, budget
and functionality.



From Research to Market

Our experts will provide you with
turnkey services for component
fabrication, product assembly
and whole product development.



From Concept to Commodity

We understand that
each market applicaton is unique.
Let us design a compnent or
product to meet your specifications.

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Electrical Components

From Idea to Intergration

Let us develop a functional
product solution based on
performance and reliability
to achieve your goals.

Consumer Product

Consumer Product

From Prototype to Product

Let us bring your product to
market with our integrated
efficiencies. Click here to
see if you qualify for a
FREE prototype.

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