Meeting our customers' needs...

Novation Industries takes care in producing injection molded plastic components, sub-assemblies and complete products that our customers rely on nationwide. From medical devices and automotive components, to optics, electronics and more, we understand that each market application is unique, and consequently, each requires a different approach to design, tooling, production and quality. From specially engineered products using our "Integrated Process Development" (IDP) to "build and print", we adapt our design solutions and production processes to meet our customers' needs.

Markets we serve:

  • Automotive – under hood, power train, fuel supply, emissions control, transmission, thermal systems, drive control, door / window mechanisms, sensors and actuators, sound systems
  • Consumer Products – appliance, pet care, personal care, office, recreation
  • Electronics – lighting, connectors, housings, power supplies
  • Industrial – plumbing, machine parts, measurement, instrumentation
  • Medical – devices, equipment, disposable, accessories
  • Merchandising –  retail, wholesale, trade show
  • Packaging– medical, industrial, electronics, home health, cosmetics, personal care, pharma, food/beverage
  • Stock Products –  caps and closures
  • Design
  • Plastics
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics