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Novation Industries Receives ISO/TS16949 Certification

McHenry, Illinois, January 10, 2017  -- Novation Industries® announced that on December 19, 2016 it had received the ISO/TS16949 certification, an internationally recognized standard which is awarded to manufacturing companies with a Quality Management System (QMS) which provides for continual improvement and emphasizes defect and waste reduction through manufacturing consistencies.  The ISO certification is a jointly managed quality standard which is overseen by the International Automotive Task Force (IATF) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).  Novation’s certification is valid for three years, which must be reviewed annually by an IATF auditor and can be renewed upon expiration.

ISO/TS 16949 certification was developed by IATF in 2009 and submitted to the ISO for publication and implementation and follows the ISO technical specification for quality management. The certification was developed to ensure conformity in manufacturing and quality for supply chain manufacturing practices in order to improve the quality of the entire production process by eliminating errors as a preventive measure. The focus of the standard is on prevention of errors, as opposed to discovery of errors and addresses several areas of control and improvement including, but not limited to, documentation requirements, management oversight, engineering specifications, quality planning, and operational processes.

As part of process improvement, Novation’s manufacturing staff records any instances of manufacturing variances, in order to determine those that are working, eliminate those that are causing quality issues and standardize on successful processes.  Process standardization leads to quality replication and a lower product defect rate. As a result, the certification will raise the quality standards and decrease the amount of defect product, thereby leading to lower costs, more efficient production and increased customer satisfaction.  Other benefits of certification are continual improvement, improved risk management and reduction in variation and waste. The certification exemplifies the company’s longtime commitment to continuous improvement, product quality and excellent customer service for clients across many markets. 

“We’re excited about the ISO/TS16949 certification and its emphasis on achieving the highest level of customer’ satisfaction,” said Scott Baxter, president of Novation Industries®. “We were committed to receiving this certification because of its strict standards on process control and eliminating defects. Having zero defect product is our highest priority and in line with our mission here at Novation Industries®.”

The certification process requires two separate audits. The first is to verify that the company is ready for a full assessment. The second is to confirm that the management system in place is able to meet the requirements. Any noncompliance to the standards must be corrected prior to certification. Novation Industries’ unique and proprietary Integrated Development Process (IDP)®, which enlists a range of disciplines into a cross functional team from research to manufacturing and logistics,  was integral to meeting the compliance guidelines of the ISO/TS16949 requirements, and ensures that customer needs are met in an efficient and cost-effective manner with zero defect products.

Novation Industries was established in 1967 and specializes in injection molding and manufacturing services including design, sourcing, contract manufacturing, and logistics. The company’s core ideology drives innovation, efficiency and a customer-centric focus. Novation Industries has considerable expertise within diverse markets and has worked with major consumer products, medical and merchandising manufacturers to provide product development solutions.

Posted by Frank Silk Tuesday, January 10, 2017 9:44:00 AM

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