"Our company's continued success has been build on the reliability and integrity
that we demonstrate with each of our customers, suppliers and employees."
- Chris Metz


NOVATION Joins the Genesis Movement...

NOVATION Industries is one of the first companies to participate in The Genesis Movement (http://thegenesismovement.org/), which is a program that helps companies improve their performance through People, Process, and Products. 

“One of our core values is continuous improvement, so this program fits well with our business objective of finding ways to improve our capabilities, our service and our competencies, so that we can enhance our customers success,” stated Scott Baxter, president.  NOVATION has partnered with manufacturing specialists from IMEC (www.imec.org) to complete a benchmarking exercise using PROBE to identify strengths and weaknesses and develop a continuous improvement plan.  IMEC will assist NOVATION with the implementation of LEAN Manufacturing and Quality System Improvements.  “Although we have been practicing LEAN Manufacturing for years, we feel that we can take it to a new level and obtain improvements in efficiency and the overall flexibility of our manufacturing operation,” stated Brian Johannsen, plant manager.

The Genesis Movement program is a pay-it-forward concept and is being sponsored by companies such as Kellogg, Hitachi, Boeing, Joyce and Chicago Community Trust.  At the end of the program, NOVATION Industries will donate to the program based on the benefits that were generated by the program.  The contributions donated will be utilized to fund the next generation of companies that go through the program.  On March 10, 2015 Novation industries will be hosting foundation members for the program so they can see firsthand how the program is helping members of the program.

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