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Rigid PVC Replaces Polycarbonate...

It is not uncommon for the plasticizers used to make flexible PVC tubing to cause stress cracking, or crazing, when they come in contact with PC (Polycarbonate) or conventional PVC, which is often a component in the manufacture of clear medical components, such as connectors and check valves.  A recent breakthrough in PVC technology by Teknor Apex Company now makes it possible for rigid PVC to replace polycarbonate (PC), bringing comparable strength and excellent clarity, while reducing or eliminating the stress cracking that often occurs in PC when interfaced with flexible PVC components, such as tubing.

Teknor Apex Company introduces new Apex SCRâ„¢ rigid PVC compounds based on innovative chemistry that provide excellent toughness, rigidity, and clarity, and is significantly more resistant to stress cracking than conventional rigid PVC or PC, which are widely used in medical applications.  The compounds meet biocompatibility standards like ISO 10993-1 and USP Class VI, can be sterilized by EtO, and heat methods, have good heat stability, and are easy to process. They offer a cost savings compared with resins that may be over-engineered for similar applications. The material is recommended for Y-connectors, cannulae, check valves, male and female Luer fittings, suction Yankauers, filter housings, drip chambers and caps, and specimen containers.

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