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Novation Industries' Employee Talent

At Novation Industries, more than 100 individuals, operating three shifts, work together to make new product innovations a reality. Coming from varied backgrounds, each team member adds value by bringing a varied skill set and a unique perspective.

We’ve invested heavily in creating a unique work environment and organizational culture where inspired problem-solvers can flourish. From creative design to precision manufacturing, our people are energized by new challenges and uncovering unique ways to do things.   We have invested in human capital to uncover breakthrough ideas and to make them a reality.  From our design team to our engineers, from our manufacturing group to our quality control team – we embrace change and innovation so that our employees can deliver the same.

Our design team consists of all disciplines to create an exceptional product including prototyping, industrial design, mechanical engineering, manufacturing engineering, tooling engineering and project management that work together utilizing our proprietary IDP (integrated development process) to ensure that our customers receive exceptional value through most favorable design at an optimal cost.

Our production team consists of a staff of assemblers that are used to a variety of product assemblies and secondary operations and can flex to meet the constant fluctuation in demand from our customers.  Our maintenance team has the skills to maintain a wide range of equipment and work with our business partners to design and install automated assembly and packaging equipment.

Novation Industries' Management Team

Our plastics team consists of tooling and project engineers, tool maintenance technicians, process technicians, setup technicians and a management staff with extensive experience in injection molding.  The majority of the team members each have over 20 years of experience in injection molding.

Our logistics team consists of warehousing and shipping personnel accustom to working in a highly dynamic environment where effective inventory management and quick response shipping and fulfillment is the norm. 

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