"Our company's continued success has been build on the reliability and integrity
that we demonstrate with each of our customers, suppliers and employees."
- Chris Metz


Tooling Docs...

NOVATION Industries is consistently recognized by its customers for its excellence in tool maintenance programming.  “A well designed and well maintained tool is critical to producing high quality parts and we put a lot of effort into maintaining the tools for our customers,” stated Broc Ungaro, tool room manager. The company recently purchased MoldTrax from Tooling Docs to improve the effectiveness of their tool maintenance program.  With almost 500 tools to maintain in house, transitioning to an integrated system will allow Novation to supply its customers with a complete status report of their tools and yearly tool maintenance.  Electronic information management provides easy tool maintenance history review and will more proactively prevent unplanned breakdowns, which is key to providing high levels of service to customers.

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