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Tritan Replaces Polycarbonate...

Tritan, a new-generation copolyester made by Eastman, is making inroads as a replacement for PC (Polycarbonate) in products for the home.  Tritan is a great alternative to PC because it has crystal-clear clarity, has dishwater durability and is free of Bisphenol A (BPA).  With Tritan you can achieve a glasslike look without the breakability or heaviness, and you can often achieve design features that are not possible with glass.

Due to the food-safe, BPA-free and easy to clean characteristics, Tritan can be ideal for kitchen products because it is also impact-resistant and dishwater-durable.  Novation Industries has helped several of our customers with replacing PC with Tritan in order to improve product functionality.  If you have a performance problem and want to investigate Tritan and an alternative, please call 815-578-8888 and ask for Greg Showers from engineering, or complete the Contact Us page on our website.

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