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Will Aseptic Packaging Bring a New Look to the Beverage Asile...

tLiDestri Food & Beverage, a major contract/private label packager, wants to revolutionize the beverage aisle by replacing the "ho-hum" round bottle with aseptic cartons, sometimes referred to as “the package of the future.”  They have invested in two new high-acid aseptic packaging lines in anticipation of a surge in contract business for aseptic packaging.  They have several customers already, including Mocked Up, which launched a line of alcohol-free cocktails, called Mocktails.

Aside from the ability to be printed with high-end graphics, some of the benefits of cold-fill aseptic packaging for the brand owner, consumer and manufacturer are:

• The product doesn’t need to be refrigerated, a convenience for on-the-go consumers and a cost savings for shippers—nor does it require preservatives, a growing concern for health-conscious consumers;

• Products often taste better than their hot-fill counterparts because flavors aren’t cooked away;

• Supplied as roll-fed material, aseptic packaging significantly improves incoming shipping efficiencies and warehouse space savings compared to other rigid packaging options. For example, one pallet can hold material for 20,000 1-liter cartons. An equivalent number of rigid bottles would fill about 16 pallets;

• Outgoing, the square pack cubes out for efficient shipments, and saves space on retail shelves and in pantries;

• Food safety is assured because caps are applied after filling, so seal integrity is maintained; and

• A longer shelf life (compared to hot-fill packaging) enables manufacturers to expand distribution and can help minimize product waste because consumers have more time to use the product before it spoils.

For additional information refer to the article in Packaging Digest.

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